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3 Month training at Industrial Standard

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The total cost of the program is Rs 50,000. Every candidate must attend an online test and a counseling session to get a seat. We have limited the entry to 30 students.

  • Attending the online test is compulsory.
  • The total cost of the program is divided into 2 parts. The Training Fee and Success Fee.
  • The Success fee is to be paid only after getting a job.

The Program.

During the 3 month program, each of the members will undergo various trainings that are required for an IT Company

  • Programming in Frontend (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, (Angular/React/Vuejs)) and Backend (Python)
  • Usage of various Databases like MySQL and Firebase
  • Business Communication via Slack and Emails.
  • Collaborative Work using Github
  • Working on Real world tasks.
  • Work From Home Experience on Weekends

Working on Real World Tasks.

During the training program, the members will be working on real world project and tasks.  Some of the possible projects.

  • School ERP Systems.
  • Cloud-based Softwares.
  • Angular/React/Vue Projects
  • Html Websites.
  • E-Commerce websites.

Prepare for the Interviews.

During the program, the members will be preparing for the interviews by various IT companies.

  • Creating beautiful Resumes.
  • Basic training on how to attend interviews
  • Preparing for high standard interviews.

Get a Job with Best Salary

The members of the training program are considered experienced developers with a better salary than freshers.

  • Get a good Salary
  • Get a job in better Companies
What you get

Techologies You Learn


Learn advanced levels of Python and work on python projects.

Web Designing

Learn how to create wonderful websites using HTML, CSS, JS, and Bootstrap.

Database Technologies

Learn SQL and NoSQL. Use MySQL for projects and learn Firebase by google as Realtime Database

Git Collaboration

Work as a Team, Collaborate online via GitHub. Work as teams. Complete projects as Groups.

Component Based Development

Learn Advanced Component based Web Development technologies like, Angular, Vue, or React.

Internet Communication

Use new technologies like Trello and Slack for project management and business communications.

Transparent Pricing

Program Fee

INR20,0003 Months
  • Top Notch Training
  • Industrial Experience
  • Guidance by Experts
  • Learning Advanced Technologies
  • Assured Jobs after training

Success Fee

INR10 % of CTConly for Year 1
  • Start paying only after you join the company
  • Pay in 3 monthly installments
  • Based on Total Cost to Company for Year 1.

The Program Coaches

Harikrishnan R

Hari is the Co-Founder of Phacsin and created the Cloud Product Start a Cloud. He is a UI/UX Expert Frontend Developer. He was working as Community Architect at SV.CO. He graduated from NSS College of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering. 

Member of SV.CO team who visited Google, Facebook and 42 Coding School at Silicon Valley, USA. Trained by experts in Front end Designing by Facebook and Android Development by Google LaunchPad.

Sachin Giridhar

He is currently the Chief Technology Officer of Phacsin. A full stack developer, and backend developer of Start A Cloud. Graduated out from NSS College of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering. 

He is an expert in Product Development, Component-Based Development, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning technologies, Android, Real-time Database Management systems, Python etc. Completed 300 Hours of training students at various institutes, schools, and colleges across Kerala.

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